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Headed up by  Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell who have some serious streetwear pedigree, Aries is a brand blurring the lines between streetwear and high fashion. Known for their playful graphics and slogan t-shirts they are dedicated to working with small factories that focus on the highest level of quality. 


Being distinguished by their signature colour palette makes this brand instantly recognisable without a logo. Needless to mention the unmistakable graphics of abstract, bird-like figures and surreal characters. Developed via the artwork of the brand's founder Pieter Janssen, the strikingly vibrant illustrations are always released in limited runs, making them all the more special and unique to each season. Enter the gallery that is Parra SS21 for a tasteful exhibition of quirky screen-prints and eccentric, '90s inspired two-pieces.

Wood Wood

Scandinavian heavyweights, Wood Wood are a mainstay in the world of menswear. Their flagship store in the heart of Copenhagen is a mecca for style and that attention to design has seeped into the namesake brand. Our winter season delivers a number of classic cuts, wardrobe staples and solid cuts.