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Facemasks Natural Washable Anti-virus Mask: Mallow Black - The Union Project, Cheltenham, free delivery

Natural Washable Anti-virus Mask: Mallow Black

  • £25.00

These washable Anti-Virus face masks are made from a soft organic cotton fabric named "NONSTAC". This material has been in use in a clinical situation for over 10 years now and is tried and tested at the top of the field. It was developed for use during a flu outbreak in Asia when a group of non-profit organisations grouped together to develop an antibacterial and washable fabric for use in facemasks specifically. 

Part of the testing conducted was how the fabric's antiviral qualities held up against the washing process. The medical tests conducted showed no decrease in the effectiveness of the fabric which makes it perfect for defence against the current global pandemic.  

  • Colour: Mallow Black
  • Each mask is individually wrapped for hygiene purposes.   
  • Flutect mark embossed on each mask for authenticity.
  • Flutect lasts approx. 5 years before unwrapped. Please unwrap at time of use.

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