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Coffeeware + Teaware KINTO: UNITEA One Touch Teapot: 460ml - The Union Project, Cheltenham, free delivery

KINTO: UNITEA One Touch Teapot: 460ml

  • £28.50

With an emphasis on functionality and aesthetic, Kinto present the Unitea collection. Allowing the loose leaf tea to freely infuse with the water thanks to the unique filtering design; allowing maximum leaf to water infusion.

Ideal for all your one/two cup requirements on the daily grind.

UNITEA integrates harmoniously into any scene. The glass jugs and cups showcase the beauty of teas inside, letting you observe tea leaves as they bloom. While made of glass, the large arched design of the handle lets you grip firmly and comfortably. Incorporating different materials—heat resistant glass, stainless steel, and plastic, you can enjoy various tea styles.

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