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Plant Pots + Vases Ecopots Rotterdam Pot Medium (30cm): Grey - The Union Project, Cheltenham, free delivery

Ecopots Rotterdam Pot Medium (30cm): Grey

  • £65.00

About the ECOPOTS Rotterdam

The regular Rotterdam planter is a cool, timeless classic for both home and garden. Whether you use them for herbs, flowers or small shrubs, the Rotterdam suits them all well!

The ECOPOTS Rotterdam is like the city itself: sleek lines, straight shapes and a cool and robust design. A series of flower pots and planters which contains the regular Rotterdam, the Rotterdam High and a collection of matching saucers. ECOPOTS Rotterdam is a no-nonsense design statement for every home or garden. Made from recycled plastic with a characteristic natural look.

Product dimensions:

Height: 26,00 cm

Length: 30,00 cm

Width: 30,00 cm

Liters: 17,00

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