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Thanks for coming to find out a bit more about our packaging!

We've always run our business with a focus on prioritising people and planet and have been working extra hard in the last 12 months to find a completely compostable packaging solution, so that you can easily dispose of your waste knowing the planet isn't taking a battering on the way. 

We've been plastic free with our packaging since 2013, but why?

 - Recyclability. 

plastics available for packaging solutions are very difficult to recycle and can't be done at kerbside in the UK, this means if you don't reuse it that it ends up in landfill in the UK, or much further afield.  Paper offers no such problems. 

- Cost.

Given that there are up to 95% savings to use plastic packaging compared to paper it posed a difficult business decision, on the surface. Despite the obvious cost savings to be made we could not and would not bring ourselves to contribute to the plastic problem in this way. 

- Social responsibility.

Having grown up through  the early 2000's and 2010's both Chris & I have long been aware of the availbility of cheap plastics that have become synonymous with our day to day lives. Having seen business owners, small and large, skirt their responsibility to our planet by single handedly causing untold damage to our environment we decided that no-matter how big or small our business would become that, as business owners, we would not play that same role in our society. 

As you've hopefully noticed, we don't send out paper packaging anymore!

In 2021 we finished what was a very long journey to make all of our packaging compostable. It was a bumpy road, but we got there and it was important we did, because we were aware that by simply avoiding plastic ourselves wasn't enough. Why? I hear you ask.

Part of our fundamental business practice is to bring together some of the best made goods we think anyone's money can buy and whilst we may work with some leaders in the field of enviromentalism and corporate responsibility. However the plastic problem was seeded in a post-war, industrialisation era where such cost saving discoveries were hailed as life changing, and as idustrialisation gave way to globalisation towards the end of the century, these cheap plastic offerings became increasingly dominant in our communities and habitats. Even some 20-30 years later, due to the nature of complicated global supply chains, some of the worlds most environmentally conscious companies are still entwined with the problem that is plastic. 

This means that even in 2021, we still receive 80% of our goods from our suppliers in protective plastic packaging. The majority of this packaging is low density polyethelyne (LDPE-4) and unfortunately the majority of councils in England do not offer recycling of this plastic. Given it is the most common form of plastic packaging, that's pretty poor. Do get in touch with your local council to let them know if you think this is problematic! However... as an entity with a commercial waste collector, we do have the means to recycle LDPE safely and securely.

This means it can be melted down and processed into things such as floor tiles, rubbish and compost bins. Given the clear lack of waste management options provided to citizens by our Government here in the UK, we're now removing all of these plastics from your delivery because we can deal with them responsibly. By removing these plastics and replacing them with 100% compostable materials we're playing our part in reducing the plastic problem we all face and providing our customers with easy, at-home solutions to managing their waste from any purchase they make from us. 

This is a big first step in a more permanent solution to the problems packaging provides us with, and we hope you'll be joining us on a journey to reduce the size of the problems we, our children and their children will be facing in the years to come. 

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