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Unbranded, Raw denim?

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Designed to get better and develop character every time you wear them, raw, selvedge denim jeans come to tell the story of those that wear them.
Each pair is crafted on a traditional machine which uses one long yarn, creating the selvedge (or self-edge). This helps create a strong quality fabric that is more resistant to fraying, in theory giving it a longer life-expectancy. That's the selvedge part of the denim. The raw aspect of these jeans is that they are indigo dyed. Then, rather than any excess dye being washed out or any 'fades' being applied during the production process they are left as they are.  Thanks to this process you have your raw fabric, full of colour, ready to be broken in and worn into your own personal pair of jeans. 
After a few months of wear you are left with a truly personalised pair of jeans which reflects your day to day life. 

We now one of the only places in the UK to pick up all three fits from the Unbranded brand; tight, skinny and tapered.

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