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Ferm Living x The Danish Red Cross

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As the dark winter nights start drawing in, we are fortunate enough to be able to surround ourselves with things that make us comfortable and warm; candles, hot drinks and cosy, thick blankets. Unfortunately, not everyone has these necessities, people in exposed areas of the world are waiting for the cold weather to hit while lacking shelter, winter clothes, and heating.

ferm LIVING have decided to team up with The Danish Red Cross to design the exclusive Enfold Blanket, made from 100% quality wool in a beautiful blue mélange weave. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Danish Red Cross in full which then helps them provide aid and care around the world where living conditions are ever so poor. The donation of a single blanket will be used to hand out two blankets to families in need of comfort in the colder, harsh conditions. The money is donated to the general funds of Red Cross. The donation allows them to act if disaster strikes but also supports their preventive and development efforts.

The Enfold blanket is now available to purchase in our Design + Home store or on our website.




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